25x Pedal bin bag 18 Liter


25x Pedal bin bag 18 Liter is a convenient and reliable solution for your waste management. With 25 pieces per roll, it offers long-lasting convenience. The liner is white in color and has dimensions of 45×52 cm with a thickness of 7 my, providing ample space and durability. The good quality ensures that the liner doesn’t tear or leak. Additionally, it is easy to tear off, making the process of changing the liner effortless. In summary, the 18-liter pedal bin liner is a practical and dependable choice for all your waste needs.

  • 18 liters
  • 25 pieces per roll
  • Easy to use
  • Colour White
  • 45x52cm (7my)
  • Good quality
  • Easy to tear off


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