Baking paper 8 Meters


Baking paper 8 Meters is a kitchen essential. It prevents food from sticking in the oven and microwave, while also effectively absorbing excess grease. Versatile in its use, it is suitable for oven, microwave, baking trays, grills, and lining baking pans. The paper can be used on both sides, providing extended usage. With this baking paper, you can effortlessly enjoy perfectly cooked and easy-to-clean meals. Say goodbye to stuck-on food and hello to convenient baking and cooking experiences.

  • 8 meters on roll
  • Baking paper prevents sticking in the oven and microwave
  • Catches fat and does not stick
  • Suitable for oven, microwave, baking trays, grids, and lining baking tins
  • Paper can be used on 2 sides


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